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# Date   Job Title Company Name
1 2018-08-14 Medical Officers Asiri Surgical Hospital PLC
2 2018-08-14 Staff Nurses for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Lanka Hospital Corporation PLC
3 2018-08-13 Assistant Director of Finance TCRC
4 2018-08-13 Chief Internal Auditor, Chief Manager (Human Resources & Logistics) State Mortagage Bank
5 2018-08-13 Senior Manager - Marketing SMI Bank
6 2018-08-13 Technical Officer University of Colombo
7 2018-08-13 Technician, Driver, Quality Controller, Kitchen Helper, Waiter, Dishwasher, Barista Emerald Isle Manpower
8 2018-08-13 Publishing, IT, Physical Sciences Kandy Jobs
9 2018-08-13 Software Engineering, Quality Engineering, Delivery, Mobile Sysco Labs
10 2018-08-13 Graphic/ Layout Designers Wijeya Newspapers
11 2018-08-13 Manager Payment System IT Seylan Bank
12 2018-08-13 Associate Software Architect, Senior Tech Lead, Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer Pic Me
13 2018-08-13 Manager Public Relations, Manager Marketing, Assistant Manager Finance Company Name with Held
14 2018-08-13 Production Manager, SPO (Female) Sam Distributors
15 2018-08-13 Senior Manager - Process Sysco Labs
16 2018-08-13 Assistant Manager, Senior Execative Officer, Field Execative, Trannie Field Execative,(Micro Financ Nation Lanka Finance PLC
17 2018-08-13 Trainee Officer, Junior Execative Officer, Execative Officer,(Leasing), Assistant Manager Alliance Finance Co PLC
18 2018-08-13 Senior Manager Credit Risk Review Seylan Bank
19 2018-08-13 Execative Officer (Trainee/non Trainee), Moter Vehicle Estimater (Trainee/non Trainee), Trainee Sale Sanasa Insurance CO
20 2018-08-13 Quality Assurance Manager Company Name with Held