How to write an effective Resume for beginners

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A childhood of education and the drive to get a good educational qualification all culminated in getting a career that can lead you to success. In order to get noticed by the companies, you need to send a strong and compelling resume of yourself; in a way, you will be marketing yourself and your strengths.
Therefore, you need to prepare an attractive, concise resume. Before you begin, discover what your personal brand is, that is, what are your strengths. Then, write a brief that describes your strengths, and include three reasons a company would want to hire you.
Before you begin work on your resume, research tips on how to write a good resume and look at several sample resumes to get an idea of what you must include in the resume.
Once you have the details figured out, it’s time to work on the actual resume. The following is simply an example of how to format your resume.

Your name should be at the top in caps using bold, large letters. Also to be included are your address, phone number and email address.
Omit personal data such as age, religious affiliations, and marital status if you feel that they would be used to screen you out.

Focus on your job objective so that you can tailor the resume to suit the job and the field. Clearly state the position you are applying for, and whether you desire to join the company on a full or part-time basis or as an intern.  

Include your degree, graduation date and school. If you have studied overseas, state the information as well as any relevant vocational schools and job training.

Course Listings
If you have completed courses on the relevant field, state these courses so that the company is aware that you have experience, training and knowledge.
However, keep your job objective in mind and only include information that are relevant.

The skills that you have are the selling points of your resume. Include specific skills that help your objective such as computer literacy and technical skills, as well as interpersonal skills such as leadership and teamwork.
Be sure to provide specific and convincing evidence that support your skills.

If this is your first time joining the corporate world, you may not have a lot of experience. However, use two subsections: related and additional to include the experience you may have had.
Do not include experiences that are not relevant to your job objection. When you are listing your experiences, be clear, concise and use active voice.

Optional information
You may include extracurricular activities and affiliations as well as awards and accolades you have received, sport activities you have engaged in and other necessary details under optional information.

Unless you have extensive experience in the relevant field, keep your resume to one page.
Be sure that the most vital points are presented first.

Use open spaces, bullets and wide margins so that the reader is attracted to your resume.
Use clear and dark 10-12 point type.

Spell and punctuate properly and make sure to proofread it.
Use good quality white or off0ahite paper to print the resume.


- Gayathri Kothalawala -



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